Mount Zeus (Oros Zas)


Naxos gives the opportunity for great walks in rare variations of nature. Green valleys with water, productive rural areas and mountain trails. A number of marked trails and many other paths will help you enjoy the beautiful nature of Naxos, to escape the problems you may have and to see the world with another eye.

Mount Zas (Zeus) is associated with the presence and upbringing of the father of the Olympian gods, worshiped by the inhabitants, but also connected with all phases of prehistory and history of the island, as shown by excavations particularly in the interesting cave of Zas (on the west side of the mountain), where came to light findings from the Neolithic to the classical and Roman times.

The climb to the top of Mount Zas (altitude 1003 m.) is a unique traveling experience. From there you can enjoy the view not only to the interior of the beautiful island of Naxos, but also to neighboring islands and intermediate sea lanes, as if by airplane.

Rising to the top of the mountain can be done by different ways, but shorter and easier from outside Agia Marina' churche (located on the road to the village Danako escaping from the provincial Filoti-Apeiranthos road (at 17th km) and from there you continue hiking to the top of the mountain.

 During the descent you can visit the cave of Zas and afterwards the beautifully calm area of the  fountain of Aryia with palm trees around and you continue your path to the village Filoti or other areas of the island.