Temple of Demeter (at Sangri, Naxos)

Located 12 km from the town, south of the village of Sangri, in Gyroula region, is the ancient temple of the 6th century BC, dedicated to the goddess Demeter. In this archaeological site, where in ancient times worshiped chthonic deities connected to agricultural production watch coexistence ancient telesteria and temples most notably that of Demeter and her daughter Persephone, Temple extended from white marble, the technotropoia whose epirese many ways construction and the Parthenon in Athens. The worship in the area continued in the Christian era to the early Christian basilica, while today there is next to the picturesque small churche of St. John the Theologian the Evangelist. The ancient church was restored in such a way as to appear the different phases of worship there.

On the beautiful hill and lower than the temple there is an important archaeological museum.